Who is a Titular Bishop?


This is a designation for a consecrated bishop who is not a diocesan bishop (CIC 1983 c. 376). A titular bishop is appointed for a titular church, that is a diocese which once existed but due to some problems are no longer in existence. It may be due to destruction through invasion by the enemies of the Church or where the faith has grown cold such that there exists no more Christians in that place. If such Dioceses are suppressed or destroyed by invading enemies, the Catholic Church still keeps memory of her once existed Diocese. She appoints a Bishop who will be spiritually in charge of that Diocese; praying that God may one day raise up the fallen faith in that place.

Mediana is an extinct Diocese in today´s Tunisia. This Titular See was established in 1933.

The immediate past Titular Bishops of Mediana include:

John Hugh MacDonald, Archbishop Emeritus of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He was appointed the Titular Archbihop of Mediana on11 August 1964 and died on 17 January 1965. His principal consecrator was Archbishop Andrea Cassulo, Titular Archbishop of Leontopolis in Augustamnica.

Bernad-Pierre Edmond Alix, Bishop Emeritus of Le Mans in France He was appointed the titular Bishop of Mediana on 19 May 1965 and ordained on 5 July 1965 by Joseph Marie Eugene Cardinal Martin, the Archbishop of Rouen

John Michael D´Archy. He was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Boston Massachussets U.S.A on 28 December, 1974 and Titular Bishop of Mediana on the same day. He was ordained Bishop on 11 February 1975 and died on 3 February, 2013

Hans-Heinrich Koch. Appointed titular Bishop of Mediana on 15 May, 1985 as well as the Auxiliary Bishop of Erfurt. He was ordained Bishop on 6 July, 1985 and died on 25 April 2018

Ernest Obodo, appointed auxiliary Bishop of Enugu as well as the Titular Bishop of Mediana on 25 May, 2018. He still occupies this See.